The 35mm secret that only nubia Z60 Ultra seems to know

The 35mm secret that only nubia Z60 Ultra seems to know

Mobile phones have undoubtedly taken a leap. Gone are the days when devices were unwieldy bricks, sporting tiny screens on top of chunky keypads, demanding an entire night connected to a charger. Today, that's a distant memory, but in nubia’s opinion, there's one big problem that still exists. Why aren't 35mm lenses the norm in smartphones? 

A 35mm lens is often described as the industry's "sweet spot" for photographers. It’s wide enough to capture landscapes and urban environments but also suitable for portraits, group photos, and close-up shots without significant distortion. Integrating a 35mm equivalent lens into a smartphone retains the device's portability while offering high-quality imaging that rivals standalone cameras. That’s why nubia is leading the 35mm charge.


35mm Precision at Your Fingertips: The Art of True Clarity

Imagine holding the power to pause your moments, to hold moments in a frame with the clarity they deserve. The nubia Z60 Ultra's 35mm lens, boasting an incredible 50 million pixels, does just that. The field of view of a 35mm lens mirrors your own sight. This means your photos taken with a 35mm lens will have a more natural look and feel to them, making them more relatable and immersive.

A 35mm lens also has a larger aperture (f/1.59 to be exact), allowing more light to hit the sensor. This makes it excellent for low-light conditions, enabling the camera to capture clearer and brighter images in dim settings. With a wider aperture, a 35mm lens can achieve a shallower depth of field, which gives subjects more of a pop against soft, dreamy backdrops, giving a professional look to the photos.

This focal length is also ideal for street photography due to its ability to capture scenes with context without needing to be too far from the subject, maintaining the true nature of the shot. With full focal length coverage provided by three main cameras, you can be there in the moment, up close and personal with the pulse of the streets.


Sony IMX800 Sensor: The Window to Superior Light Capture

Light is the essence of photography, and a camera’s sensor is the unsung hero. nubia integrates the Sony IMX800 state-of-the-art sensor to redefine what's possible with a camera phone.

This advanced sensor captures more light, more detail, and more life. Its larger size means each pixel can soak up more light, banishing noise and bringing clarity to shadows. The sensor's design allows for a shallower depth of field, enabling photographers to achieve a pleasing bokeh effect, where the subject is in sharp focus against a softly blurred background. It also provides a broad spectrum of colors, rendering scenes with a vibrancy that's true to life.


Unwavering Focus: Advanced Optical Image Stabilization

Where motion could once blur the narrative, the nubia Z60 Ultra's advanced Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) ensures that every frame is a steady capture of the world's beauty. In short, Optical image stabilization prolongs the shutter speed by reducing the likelihood of image blur from shake during exposure time. This is stability in motion, a guarantee that even when your world is in flux, your memories will stand the test of time. 

With the Z60 Ultra, you can delve into the world of macro with confidence, as OIS keeps your close-up shots sharp. And when you zoom in with the telephoto lens, it’s OIS that maintains the clarity, ensuring distant subjects come into focus with precision. In essence, OIS in the nubia Z60 Ultra is like having a steady hand guiding your photographic endeavors.


Secure yours now

The nubia Z60 Ultra is not just another member of the smartphone family; it's the torchbearer of a 35mm legacy, and if you’d like to join us on this journey you can. All you need to do is subscribe and you can enjoy an exclusive discount of up to €120 off your nubia Z60 Ultra purchase.

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