The Pain of Missed Moments? Not with the Z60 Ultra

The Pain of Missed Moments? Not with the Z60 Ultra

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to go wherever you want to go and be able to record every single moment? No more heart attacks as raindrops fall on your phone's screen as you try to capture an epic rainbow in the sky. Well, the nubia Z60 Ultra is designed for those who dare to explore, for the wanderers and the wonderers who crave a companion as resilient and stylish as their adventures. Below we’ve laid out exactly why the nubia Z60 Ultra is the first into action and the last one out and the only companion you need for your every adventure.


Durable? Absolutely. Ready for Adventure? Always.

Let’s talk about resilience. The nubia Z60 Ultra comes with an IP68 rating, ensuring your device is protected against the elements. From torrential downpours to accidental spills, the Z60 Ultra has you covered, ensuring that your device remains functional and unscathed. In real terms it means a water resistance in fresh water to a maximum depth of 1.5 metres for up to 30 minutes, and protection from dust - all without the need for extra cases or covers. The slogan "Capture your World" was chosen for the Z60 Ultra with purpose. Too often, life's adventures remain uncaptured, and beautiful memories are lost due to less-than-ideal conditions. But with the nubia Z60 Ultra, that changes. Now, your life's moments are always captured, regardless of the weather.

Seamless Integration: Maximizing Screen Real Estate

In a world where screen size matters, the Z60 Ultra redefines expectations with its innovative under-screen camera. Picture this: a full, uninterrupted display where every inch is utilized for your viewing pleasure. A 6.4-inch, 120Hz AMOLED screen, supporting HDR10+ with a peak brightness of 1500 nits, doesn’t just display content; it brings it to life. The nubia Z60 Ultra redefines what it means to have a full-screen experience. Its under-screen camera is a marvel of engineering, blending seamlessly into the display, offering you an uninterrupted, expansive view. Whether you’re capturing breathtaking landscapes or watching your favorite series, the Z60 Ultra ensures a pristine, full-screen experience without any compromise.

Sleek, Minimalistic Design for the Modern Explorer

Imagine a device so sleek that it slides effortlessly into your pocket, yet so striking it stands out in a crowd. With its razor-sharp bezels, the Z60 Ultra boasts a minimalistic design that doesn't just look good – it feels right in your hand. The top-notch aluminum build exudes a luxurious feel and the textured matte glass back panel catches the light in ways that dazzle, ensuring that your phone doesn't just sit in your pocket, but proudly announces its presence. Weighing in at just 240g, it’s the heft of quality and assurance in your hands.

The Call to Adventure Awaits

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the nubia store now and make the Z60 Ultra yours. Embrace the future, capture every moment, and step into a world where every day is an adventure.