nubia Flip 5G FAQs: Get All Your Answers Here

nubia Flip 5G FAQs: Get All Your Answers Here

We are nearly half way through the year and summer is fast approaching. Our latest smartphone, the nubia Flip 5G has just officially launched and people are very much enjoying this new foldable phone.

In response to this growing interest, we have received many questions about the nubia Flip 5G. To make sure you’re up to date, we have put together the most received questions with our answers. Let’s get to it!


  1. When and Where to Buy the nubia Flip 5G
  2. Updates and Security Patches
  3. Payment Methods
  4. Warranty Policy
  5. Versions
  6. Bootloader Support on nubia Flip 5G
  7. Wireless Charging SIM Functionality
  8. Calling
  9. Stay in Touch

Q: When and Where Can I Buy the nubia Flip 5G?

We are pleased to inform you that the nubia Flip 5G is now available for purchase on our official website. nubia ships to many different regions including; United States, Hong Kong SAR, Indonesia, Israel, Singapore, Pakistan, Chile, Egypt, Kuwait, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom. The nubia Flip 5G is also available to buy from third party platforms such as Amazon in the EU and USA.

We're working to expand our reach to more countries. Stay tuned for updates on new shipping destinations.


Duration of Updates and Security Patches

Our security updates are available for years to come from the date of purchase to ensure the continued protection of your device. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us. We are committed to providing regular system updates to our international users to ensure the security and performance of your device.


We accept PayPal and credit cards. On our Mexico store, only PayPal is available. Currently, installment payments are not supported, but we hope to offer this option in the future.


  • EU & UK: 24-month warranty for both the nubia Flip 5G and accessories
  • Global: 12-month warranty for devices and a 6-month warranty for accessories
  • US: 12-month warranty and accessories 6-month warranty
  • Mexico: Customers in Mexico receive the same robust warranty as our global customers, with a 12-month warranty on devices and a 6-month warranty on accessories


EU Store: global version with Plug Type C and international software.

UK Store: Plug Type C + Adapter and international software.

Global Store includes a delivery region-specific adapter at no extra cost, eliminating the need for any additional purchases.

Bootloader Support on nubia Flip 5G

Unfortunately, the nubia Flip 5G does not currently support unlocking the bootloader. It's important to note that flashing your phone will void all warranties. We urge users to consider this before attempting any modifications. But we promise to continuously strive to enhance our products and services, and we'll consider your feedback for future updates.


Wireless Charging and SIM Functions

 We regret to inform you that nubia Flip 5G does not currently support Wireless Charging or E-Sim but it can support dual SIM. We are aware that this is a trending feature, and we will continue to improve and collect more feedback. 


The nubia Flip 5G supports NFC but doesn’t support infrared currently.



The nubia Flip 5G can be compatible with the below frequencies:

NR:n1/n3/n5/n8/n28A(703MHz-733MHz/758MHz-788MHz )/n41(2496~2690MHz)/n78(3.3~3.6GHz)
TDD:B34/B38/39/40/41(B41: 2515MHz-2675MHz)

The nubia Flip 5G does support Wi-Fi calling, it just depends on whether the SIM card you use supports Wi-Fi calling, so please check before purchasing.The nubia Flip 5G supports NFC but doesn’t support infrared currently.


Stay tuned for more updates

We hope this Q&A session has been hepful. Stay tuned for the next round of updates and we encourage you to continue letting us know if you have any questions through our social media and support pages. We will get back to you with the answers as soon as possible.