This is the nubia Z60 Ultra: Pre-Order Now & Save Like Never Before

This is the nubia Z60 Ultra: Pre-Order Now & Save Like Never Before

Good things come to those who wait. We’ve heard it a million times but this time it’s true. The countdown is almost over, the clock has no ticks left to tock, and the stage is set for the nubia Z60 Ultra to march into the limelight. And for you oh so smart people, we’re putting on an early showing and you barely need to lift a finger. All you need to do is subscribe and you can enjoy an exclusive discount of up to €120 off your nubia Z60 Ultra purchase.

For the eye watering starting price of €679(minus discount) you’re set to embrace a world of ultra-crisp imagery, enduring power, and a display that stretches beyond your imagination, all encapsulated within a single nubia device that boasts IP68 readiness for every escapade. But, engrave this into your mind, the early bird offer is only valid until the commencement of sales on December 29th 7:00 AM EST. Here's a glimpse of what awaits in your nubia Z60 Ultra experience.

This is where your next adventure begins. Dive into every single detail of the nubia Z60 Ultra on our dedicated product page. 


Zoom in on the Brilliance of the nubia Z60 Ultra

Camera Mastery

Capture your world no matter the distance with the nubia Z60 Ultra's triple lens setup. Seize the night's magic with the 18mm Starry Sky Camera, reveal life's depth with the 35mm Prime Lens for detailed vivid captures, and freeze raw emotions with the 85mm Portrait Prime. The addition of the Sony IMX800 sensor and f/1.59 aperture paints each frame with unparalleled clarity, perfect light and vibrancy, turning every shot into a visual sonnet.

World Class Performance That Never Fades

Industry, leading, power. That’s what the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor brings. The Z60 Ultra is among the elite few to harness such a formidable engine, meaning you have the opportunity to experience the fastest chip to enter a mobile phone. Every scroll, click, and interaction flows with an effortless grace. Speed and efficiency don't just follow your rhythm; they anticipate and amplify it. Couple this with the 6000mAh battery for all day endurance and Syncmind 6.0 technology for smart energy saving, and you have enough power to outlast every adventure. 

Unstoppable Full-Screen Experience

Embrace the art of seeing with the nubia Z60 Ultra's 6.8-inch AMOLED canvas. Here, the invisible OIS front camera merges seamlessly under the glass, opening a gateway to limitless edge to edge views. Visuals burst forth, unhindered by notches or interruptions. It's a realm of pure visual indulgence that cradles your eyes with gentle eye care technology, meaning your screen and your view are uninterrupted. 

Adventure Ready Elegant Design

That adventurous spirit that burns in your soul, let it out. No longer does your phone need to hide away in your pocket. The nubia Z60 Ultra, cloaked in its IP68-rated armor, is a testament to durability and design, ready to accompany your every adventure, whatever the weather. Complimented by razor sharp bezels and a sleek galactic inspired design it’s sure to be your most elegant companion yet. 

Your Exclusive Pre-Order Offer

Remember, this is your chance to be among the first to own the nubia Z60 Ultra and enjoy an exclusive discount of up to €120, ensuring you'll be capturing life's finest moments with leading-edge technology before anyone else. Hurry, this offer is available for a limited time only and will end as soon as open sales begin on December 29th 7:00 AM EST.

Don’t just read about it; experience it. Pre-order now and Capture Your World with nubia Z60 Ultra.