“A beautiful bezel-less beast” - What the experts are saying about the nubia Z60 Ultra

“A beautiful bezel-less beast” - What the experts are saying about the nubia Z60 Ultra

Since its release, the nubia Z60 Ultra has been the talk of tech town, with experts dissecting every aspect. Is the 35mm lens transformational for smartphone photography? Can it truly marry top-notch camera and gaming specs to create a standout smartphone? And does it deliver top-tier performance at a price that undercuts the big names? 

Below, we've compiled some of the most insightful reviews from across the industry—including perspectives from established giants like Wired and popular YouTube influencers like Flossy Carter. Here, you'll find ample reasons to consider the nubia Z60 Ultra as your next must-have purchase.


"Truly Impressive” Unpacking the nubia Z60 Ultra's Camera Capabilities

“Daytime shots with good lighting are rich and detailed with accurate colors, and the color matching across the lenses is spot on. The main and ultrawide lenses have a good depth of field, enabling you to keep foreground and background in focus.” Wired

The nubia Z60 Ultra takes smartphone photography to new heights with its trio of lenses: an 18mm Starry Sky Camera, a 35mm Prime Lens, and an 85mm Portrait Prime. It's a system designed to turn every snapshot into a work of art.

Experts are not just impressed; they're vocal about the nubia Z60 Ultra's camera's ability to deliver across scenarios. Wired China applauds the camera's daytime performance, noting the "rich and detailed images with accurate colors." Gizmochina echoes this sentiment, celebrating the "ultra-wide camera's superior quality and the main camera's DSLR-like sharpness." SmartWorld is equally impressed, commending the "truly impressive" photo quality across various lighting conditions.


“Two or three day battery life” Performance is king.

“Excellent performance can often come at the cost of battery life, but not in the case of the nubia Z60 Ultra. Even after locking the refresh rate to 120Hz, I found that the phone's 6,000mAh battery would comfortably last me all day.If you're careful, you could get two or even three days out of the phone.” Android Police

At the heart of the nubia Z60 Ultra is the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor—a behemoth that promises unmatched smoothness and efficiency. Backed by a 6000mAh battery and the cutting-edge Syncmind 6.0 technology, the nubia Z60 Ultra is more than a device; it's a powerhouse designed to amplify every aspect of your digital life.

The praise from Android Police on battery life is just the beginning of the acclaim for the Z60 Ultra's performance. Phone Arena spotlights the nubia Z60 Ultra's "formidable processor," which is perfect for users who want premium performance without a hefty price tag. Android Police notes the exceptional battery life that can last "multiple days," even with heavy usage.


“Just a beast” Edge to edge display and design

”This is just a beast. For 600 Bucks you can not go wrong. IP68 dust and water resistant.This is a media phone. A beautiful bezel-less gigantic android screen.” Flossy Carter

The nubia Z60 Ultra's 6.8-inch AMOLED display is a marvel, offering a distraction-free visual experience. The pioneering invisible OIS front camera under the glass ensures an uninterrupted edge-to-edge viewing experience, making every image and video a feast for the eyes. Add to this an IP68-rated armor ensuring durability against every single element.

The nubia Z60 Ultra's screen was one of the highest rated features among tech experts with Gizmo China calling it “The best curtain call of 2023.” Yanko Design commends the "bold design and uninterrupted screen," while Phone Arena admires the "solid device with top-notch features." Flossy Carter raves about the nubia Z60 Ultra as a "beast" for media consumption with its "beautiful bezel-less android screen."


“No bloatware here” Smooth as you like with MyOS 14

“The nubia Z60 Ultra comes with Android 14 out of the box, with MyOS 14 on top of it. There's no bloatware onboard, and there are a couple of cool features worth mentioning. All in all, the experience is smooth and uncluttered.” PhoneArena

The nubia Z60 Ultra’s MyOS14, based on Android 14, offers extensive customization and smooth interaction with your favorite apps. Enjoy a lock screen that responds to your touch, discover a wide range of visual effects for enjoyment, and customize your desktop to fit your specific needs.

Beyond the smooth operation, MyOS14's customization capabilities have caught the eye of critics. Android 14 paired with MyOS 14 makes the nubia Z60 Ultra a pleasure to use. Phone Arena appreciates the clutter-free experience and user-friendly features, such as customizable themes and the handy side switch. It's an experience that's "smooth and uncluttered," tailored to your preferences.