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MyOS Updates





  • Restart issue has been resolved. The LTE release version has been adjusted and the after-sales network registration problem has been solved
  • Qualcomm modem patch has been implemented, and other low-probability crashes have been resolved
  • Issue of face recognition failure in full screen mode has been resolved
  • Bluetooth wristband connection issue has been resolved
  • Issue of the camera black screen and unavailability has been resolved
  • RF CA parameters have been updated
  • Certification information for machine heads manufactured in China has been updated
  • Certification information menu is resilient for overseas projects
  • Rectified the slight deformation issue in the mobile phone logo under large display
  • TP firmware has been updated, the floating state sensitivity has been adjusted, and the issue of line breaking at the bottom of WeChat has been optimized
  • Black screen issue when launching the camera using the side slide key has been resolved
  • Resolved camera errors, crashes, freezes, effects and other related issues
  • Adjusted multiple monkey test issues
  • International version of nubia Z60 Ultra now includes GamePi integration
  • Configuration of the overseas baseline pull-down switch has been modified

*Please note that software update times may vary by region.

MyOS Experience Feedback

Dear nubia fans, your feedback is invaluable to us. We are committed to delivering high-quality products and services that meet your expectations. Please share your feedback on our OS to help us identify and resolve any issues or bugs. Together, we can ensure your satisfaction and improve your experience. Thank you for being an essential part of the nubia community.

Thank you.

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