The Clock is Ticking: Introducing the nubia Z60 Ultra

The Clock is Ticking: Introducing the nubia Z60 Ultra

As we count down the days, excitement is building for the official launch of the nubia Z60 Ultra, now less than a week away. At nubia, we don't just understand photography; we redefine it. Our approach isn't about incremental changes; it's about leadership. That's why our smartphones, like the upcoming nubia Z60 Ultra, boast 35mm lenses – a standard in excellence and unmatched across the industry.

As the launch date of December 19th draws near, you might wonder how we can take mobile photography to the next level. Well, we're thrilled to offer a sneak inside peek below, along with an exclusive special offer just for you. Don’t miss out as we get ready to release the remarkable nubia Z60 Ultra – Now more precise, now more powerful, and ready for all your life’s adventures.

Join the nubia Family and save big on the Z60 Ultra

At nubia we believe in making excellence affordable. A price tag shouldn’t stand in the way as you capture your beautiful moments. That’s why when you sign up to the nubia family we’re giving you an exclusive opportunity to win the nubia Z60 Ultra for free. Plus, a €30 OFF coupon when you purchase your very own Z60 Ultra. At nubia, we're committed to making exceptional technology accessible and the Z60 Ultra stands as a shining example of that commitment.

So what awaits?

Precision in Every Pixel

Ever scrolled through your pictures endlessly trawling back and forth to find the perfect shot? Well, find it now with the nubia Z60 Ultra. The 50MP 35mm lens, promises clarity and depth in every single shot. It's not just about taking photos; it's about capturing moments with precision and detail that tell a story.

Flagship Processor Power

Life never stops so why should your phone? Powered by the flagship Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, the Z60 Ultra ensures endless power from dusk till dawn. Whether you're gaming, streaming, or exploring new photography frontiers, this phone keeps up with your pace.

Full-Screen Mastery

You asked how we could go bigger– The 6.8-inch AMOLED True Full Screen display is our answer. With unstoppable edge to edge glass and innovative under-display camera the Z60 offers you a canvas that is truly yours. Now every, image, touch or swipe is unhindered pulling you deeper into your favorite content.

Designed for the Bold

How about a phone that goes where you go. Not tucked away in a pocket but embracing every raindrop, every storm, right by your side. The nubia Z60 Ultra is reinforced with IP68-rated durability, making it the perfect companion for every adventure. And with Razor sharp edges and minimalist sleek design it’s a shame it can’t take a picture of itself.

Starry Night, Captured Right

Say goodbye to sleep because the night never seemed so captivating. With the Z60 Ultra's Starry Sky Main Camera, advanced sensor and ultra-wide lens, you’re free to capture the beauty of the night in all its celestial splendor.

Software That Understands You

After a hard day, don’t let software make it harder. With MyOS14, grounded in Android 14, every interaction is a reflection of your preferences and style. Experience effects that make your screen purr, unlimited customization, and with the all new dynamic lock screen, you’re just a millisecond away from getting back online. 

Make it yours

So which nubia Z60 Ultra feature has captured your imagination? Don't just dream about it, make it yours! Sign up now for a chance to win the Z60 Ultra, get a special €30 discount and immerse yourself in the nubia experience. Join our family to access exclusive offers and stay updated as we gear up for the thrilling launch next week. Let the anticipation build, the nubia Z60 Ultra is almost here, and it's waiting for you.